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The Wonderland Gambit Part Two: The March Hare Network
by Jack L. Chalker

p.63 I nodded sourly. "Yeah, like the Spanish Inquisition. That's your mind-set, Sister, and why I can't go along. It's the logic that says, 'Okay, torture 'em. If they don't convert and die, then they'll be welcomed as martyrs in heaven if we were wrong about them, or they'll go to hell as they deserved if we weren't.' The old witch-dunking test. If she drowns she wasn't a witch."

p.64 "Just because I am wrong doesn't mean you are right," I retorted. "I guess what you are and where you really are right. True believers always think that they have the answers, and everybody who doesn't agree with them a hundred percent is their enemy. I don't believe in absolutes."
     "Just cop-outs," she said acidly. "A rationale for having no convictions at all."
     "Pragmatists keep the world turning. When the true believers take over, people get hurt, even killed."

p.177 Alice McKee hadn't trusted Al one bit. She'd gone along but had admitted she would be there only until they had it in their hands and she could take him on. It was a good bet Les and Rita and probably most of the others felt the same. What a crew of gods! As disloyally screwed up as the gods of ancient Olympus!

NAMES: Sutherland, Wilisczik (pron. "Vilichek"), Rina, Ajani, Sasucha