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Star Wars Trilogy
by Various Authors

p.26 “Things change, Luke. Only the threat of rebellion keeps many in power from doing certain unmentionable things. If that threat is completely removed--well, there are two things men have never been able to satisfy: their curiosity and their greed. There isn’t much the high Imperial bureaucrats are curious about.”

p.29 He exhibited the attitude of one who had climbed far and fast by methods best not examined too closely.

p.66-67 “I forget sometimes in whose presence I babble. Let us say simply that the force is something a Jedi must deal with. While it has never been properly explained, scientists have theorized it is an energy field generated by living things. Early man suspected its existence, yet remained in ignorance of its power for millennia.
     Only certain individuals could recognize the force for what it was. They were mercilessly labeled: charlatans, fakers, mystics--and worse. Even fewer could make use of it. As it was usually beyond their primitive controls, it frequently was too powerful for them. They were misunderstood by their fellows--and worse.”
     Kenobi made a wide, all-encompassing gesture with both arms. “The force surrounds each and every one of us. Some men believe it directs our actions, and not the other way around. Knowledge of the force and how to manipulate it is what gave the Jedi his special power.”

p.69 “farrago”?

p.85 The creature was roughly man-sized and bipedal, but its head was something out of delirium by way of an upset stomach.

p.101 “I’d call it luck,” snorted Solo as he concluded his examination of the readouts.
     “In my experience there is no such thing as luck--only highly favorable adjustments of multiple factors to incline events in one’s favor.”

p.109 Kenobi grinned. “What does that say of the man who allows himself to be hired by a fool?”

p.127 “Somebody get this big hairy walking carpet out of my way.” --Leia

p.141 “There are still two more of them out there. Looks like we’ve lost the lateral monitors and the starboard deflector shield.”
     “Don’t worry,” Solo told her, with as much hope as confidence, “she’ll hold together.” He gave the walls a pleading stare. “You hear me, ship? Hold together!”

p.148 “A two-meter target at maximum speed--with a torpedo, yet,” Antilles snorted, “That’s impossible even for the computer.”
     “But it’s not impossible,” protested Luke. “I used to bulls-eye womp-rats in my T-16 back home. They’re not much bigger than two meters.”

p.152 As the grand chief jumped clear, Luke commenced the final check-out of all instruments. It slowly occurred to him what he and the others were about to attempt. Not that his personal feelings could override his decision to join them. He was no longer an individual, functioning solely to satisfy his personal needs. Something now bound him to every other man and woman in this hangar.

p.191 She began to laugh harder now. “I’d just as soon kiss a Wookiee.”
     “I can arrange that.”

p.207 “Laugh it up, fuzzball.”

p.231 Darth Vader, a raven specter, quickly strode through the ruins of the Rebel ice fortress, forcing his accompanying men into a brisk jog to keep up.

p.265 “No,” Yoda said impatiently. “Try not. Do, do. Or do not. There is no try.”

p.287 Artoo perceived his master’s despair and rolled over to stand by him and provide what comfort he could.

p.316 “If only you knew the power of the dark side,” Vader continued. “Obi-Wan never told you what happened to your father, did he?”
     Mention of his father aroused Luke’s anger. “He told me enough!” he yelled. “He told me you killed him!”
     “No,” Vader replied calmly. “I am your father.”

p.344-345 His senses assaulted him all at once. The air bit at his skin with a thousand tiny teeth, the opacity of his sight was impenetrable; wind seemed to rush around his ears at hurricane volumes; he couldn’t feel which way was up; the myriad smells filling his nose made him nauseous, he couldn’t stop salivating, all his bones hurt--and then came the visions.
     Visions from his childhood, from his last breakfast, from twenty-seven piracies… as if all the images and memories of his life had been crammed into a balloon, and the balloon popped and they all came bursting out now, randomly, in a single moment. It was nearly overwhelming, it was sensory overload. Men had gone mad, in these first minutes following decarbonization, hopelessly, utterly mad--unable ever again to reorganize the ten-billion individual images that comprised a lifespan into any kind of coherent selective order.

p.348 “No use wishing for moondew on a meteorite.”

p.354 Fear is a great cloud, Ben used to tell him. It makes the cold colder and the dark darker; but let it rise and it will dissolve.

p.357 Jabba’s giant antigravity Sail Barge glided slowly over the endless Dune Sea. Its sand-blasted iron hull creaked in the slight breeze, each puff of wind coughing into the huge sails as if even nature suffered some terminal malaise whenever it came near Jabba.

p.367 “I’m caught!” screamed Calrissian. He looked down in panic to see one of the Sarlaacc’s tentacles slowly wrap around his ankle. Talk about a wild card--they kept changing the rules every five minutes in this game. Tentacles! What kind of odds was anybody gonna give on tentacles? Very long, he decided with a fatalistic grunt; long and sticky.

p.369 THE sandstorm obscured everything--sight, breath, thought, motion. The roar of it alone was disorienting, sounding like it came from everywhere at once, as if the universe were composed of noise, and this was its chaotic center.

Vader’s pulse and breathing were machine-regulated, so they could not quicken, but something in his chest became more electric around his meetings with the Emperor; he could not say how. A feeling of fullness, of power, of dark and demon mastery--of secret lusts, unrestrained passion, wild submission--all these things were in his heart as he neared his emperor. These things and more.

p.374 “Sick I’ve become. Yes. Old and weak.” He pointed a crooked finger at his young pupil. “When nine hundred years old you turn, look as good you will not.”

p.398-399 The main corridor was filled with courtiers, all awaiting an audience with the Emperor. Vader curled his lip at them--fools, all. Pompous toadies in their velvet robes and painted faces; perfumed bishops passing notes and passing judgments among themselves--for who else cared; oily favor-merchants, bent low from the weight of jewelry still warm from a previous owner’s dying flesh; easy, violent men and women, lusting to be tampered with.

p.404 It was confusing. A part, and apart. She couldn’t grasp it. She felt large and small, brave and timid. She felt like a tiny, creative spark, dancing about in the fires of life…dancing behind a furtive, pudgy midget bear, who kept beckoning her deeper into the woods.

p.417 After another protracted pause, Luke cleared his throat. “I realize this concept may be abstract--may be difficult to draw these connections,” he started slowly, “but it’s terribly important for the entire galaxy, for our Rebel force to destroy the Imperial presence here on Endor. Look up, there, through the smoke hole in the roof. Just through that tiny hole, you can count a hundred stars. In the whole sky there are millions, and billions more that you can’t even see. And they all have planets, and moons, and happy people just like you. And the Empire is destroying all that. You can… you could get dizzy just lying on your back and staring up at all the starshine. You could almost…explode, it’s so beautiful sometimes. And you’re part of the beauty, it’s all part of the same Force. And the Empire is trying to turn off the lights.”

NAMES: Jerjerrod, Han, Dack, Zuckuss, Bossk, Dodonna, Organna, Rieekan, Romodi, Tarkin, Vader, Skywalker, Boushh, Tyidirum