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Ender Series #5
Ender's Shadow

by Orson Scott Card

p.9 Everyone knew that Rotterdam was, if not the capital, then the main seaport of Hell.

p.40 "I think I have someone for you."
     "You've thought that before."
     "He's a born leader. But he does not meet your physical specifications."
     "Then you'll pardon me if I don't waste time on him."
     "If he passes your exacting intellectual and personality requirements, it is quite possible that for a miniscule portion of the brass button or toilet paper budget of the I.F., his physical limitations might be repaired."
     "I never knew nuns could be sarcastic."
     "I can't reach you with a ruler. Sarcasm is my last resort."

p.62 Bean was tired of talking about this. She looked so happy when she talked about God, but she hadn't figured it out yet, what God even was. It was like, she wanted to give God credit for every good thing, but when it was bad, then she either didn't mention God or had some reason why it was a good thing after all. As far as Bean could see, though, the dead kids would rather have been alive, just with more food. If God loved them so much, and he could do whatever he wanted, why didn't he let them die sooner or not even be born at all, so they didn't have to go through so much trouble and get all excited about trying to be alive when he was just going to take them to his heart. None of it made any sense to Bean, and the more Sister Carlotta explained it, the less he understood it. Because if there was somebody in charge, then he ought to be fair, and if he wasn't fair, then why would Sister Carlotta be so happy that he was in charge?

p.93 This guy might be real tough as the only adult on a shuttle full of kids, but if he were a kid on the streets of Rotterdam, he'd "maneuver" himself into starvation in a month. If he wasn't killed before that just for talking like he thought his piss was perfume.

p.131 "I'm not stupid!"
     In Bean's experience, that was a sentence never uttered except to prove its own inaccuracy.

p.235 'Shame' -- short for 'Seamus'

p.249 "If you don't want to believe me, think what you want. My talking isn't going to make you stupider than you already are."

p.290 Of course not. Nobody intended to lose. They just wanted to complain about it.