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Dragonriders of Pern
Dragon's Kin

by Todd McCaffrey

p.31 The new Harper eyed Kindan. "You're not related to that oaf I just sent out of here this morning, are you?"
     Kindan glared up at that, his fists clenched. It was enough to be in the wrong and caught out twice by the stranger, but only a family member had the right to call Kaylek an oaf!

p.43 Traditionally, the marriage ceremony was performed in the morning, timed so that as the couple completed their marriage vows, the sun would rise, signifying the warmth of the new relationship and how it would lighten not only the bride and groom but also all those associated with them.
     However, such a ceremony would mean that Dask could not attend. So Jofri had come up with the idea of performing the ceremony for the setting sun, instead, and lighting a bonfire as the final vows were made. Master Zist had seen no reason to contradict that.

p.53 "And a good morning to you, too, Sister," Dakin boomed jovially. His smile widened as he heard Silstra's answering groan.
     Terregar shot him a reproving look, his free hand massaging his head. "Go easy, Dakin. You'll be married too someday, and you'll appreciate soft voices the morning after."
     Dakin shook his head, still smiling. "I'll mine that seam when I find it. 'Til then, I'll go on as I always do."

p.90 Master Zist held his hand up, and Kindan stopped. "Tell me three good things about Cristov," the Harper ordered.
     Kindan closed his mouth and thought. "Well, he's strong."
     Master Zist raised one finger and gave Kindan an encouraging look.
     "His mother likes him."
     "That's a good thing about his mother," Master Zist said wryly.

p.100 The moment Dalor was out of earshot, Kindan told the Harper, "Margit's not much at midwifery. Silstra did most of that, and Harper Jofri."
     "Journeyman Jofri learned his healing after I'd thrown him out of my singing class," Master Zist said. Then he sighed. "And I learned my singing after the MasterHealer threw me out of his healing class."

p.125-126 Master Zist's eyes widened as he saw Kindan's companion. Kindan gave him a don't-worry look, to which the harper replied with an I'd-better-not-have-to grimace.

p.165 "eeny, meeny, tipsy teeny, ah vu bumberini. Isha gosha bumberosha, ninteen hundred and two. i pick you."

p.277 "Can we go now?" Renna asked.
     Toldur nodded. "Just let me get some glows."
     "No time," Nuella said brusquely. "I'll lead. I know this passageway like the back of my hand."
     "You can't see the back of your hand," Zenor muttered.
     Nuella's hand shot o ut, super-quick, and accurately whacked Zenor on the side of his head with the back of her hand.
     "Who said anything about seeing it?" she asked sweetly. She walked into the closet and quickly slid open the secret door at the back.
     "That's got to hurt," Reena added with no trace of sympathy for her brother.