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Dragonriders of Pern
Dragon's Fire

by Anne McCaffrey and Todd McCaffrey

p.23 Pellar was well prepared when the egg finally started shaking and small cracks appeared in the middle of the night. Zist was sure that, had he kept the egg himself, he would have been too tired to notice.
     As it was, Zist was rudely jostled awake by Pellar, who used his foot, his hands being fully occupied with the just-gorged fire-lizard, his face split with a grin and his eyes shining in pure joy. Zist managed to remain awake long enough to ascertain that the fire-lizard was a brown, and to assure Pellar that it was, indeed, the most marvelous creature ever to grace any part of Pern.

p.55 Pellar thought for a moment and then rocked on hand in a side-to-side maybe-yes, maybe-no gesture.

64-65 When Kindan tripped up Cristov one day, Zist assigned the youngster the job of discovering three of Cristov's virtues. Pellar had found the whole situation amusing, from his position of greater age--two whole Turns--until Master Zist challenged him to do the same when they spoke about it two days later.
     "I hardly know him," Pellar wrote in protest.
     "You've heard enough about him, haven't you?" Zist asked, arching an eyebrow at him challengingly.
     "Words aren't truth," Pellar wrote back.
     "Too true!" Zist agreed. "Wiser heads than yours have yet to learn that, you know."

p.66 "When Kindan had gone to bed, Zist brought Pellar back out of his hiding place, holding a finger to his lips for silence. Pellar gave him a sardonic look and pointed to his lips, shaking his head to remind Zist that there was no fear of him talking too loud.

p.77 Rather than gliding silently past the entrance to Natalon's stone hold, Pellar strode purposely beyond it, looking exactly like someone who was lost but unwilling to ask for directions.

p.123 Hurth, Pellar thought to the dragon hovering still above them, tell them to stop bickering, and that I'm about to faint.
     Pellar says that your are to stop bickering and that he is going faint
, Hurth dutifully reported just as Pellar crumpled to the ground.

p.207 D'vin mused to himself that while the purpose of the All-Weyr Games was mostly to assure the Holders of the abilities of the Weyrs to fight the Threadfall that would come with the next Pass of the Red Star, it also allowed the five Weyrs to become comfortable with each other's abilities.

p.233-234 "If they tie, they'll split the points and Telgar will win anyway," Bitrell noted.
     Cristov frowned at that, while trying to do the math in his head. First place was worth five points and second place worth two, so Telgar would earn only three and a half points if they tied with Benden. Add to that the five points that Telgar already had for winning the wing event and Telgar would have eight and one half points. Ista had seven points and Benden would add three and a half to its two points, so neither would beat Telgar. Satisfied, he nodded in agreement.
     "Did that without moving your lips," Bitrell said to Cristov with a smile. "I'm impressed."
     Cristov turned red with embarrassment.