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Dragonriders of Pern

by Anne McCaffrey

p.38 Gratitude is an ill-fitting tunic that can chafe and smell if worn too long.

p.54 "But why? Give me one good reason why."
     "Give me one good reason why not!"

p.122 "Ah, but a man can sleep anytime. A laugh restores the soul."

p.140 I saw a demonstration of the device today and we're going to rig one for the Lord Holders at Telgar's wedding..."
     "And the Threads will wait for that?"
     F'lar snorted. "They may be the lesser evil, frankly. The Threads prove to be more flexible in their ways than the Oldtimers and less trouble than the Lord Holders."

p.167-168 "We're ready, sirs," Robinton announced and, giving a curt bow of his head to the other riders, turned on his heel to follow N'ton.
     "I've half a mind--" the green rider began.
     "Obviously," Robinton cut in, his voice as cold as between and as menacing as Thread. "Brudegan, Tategarl, ride with him. Sebell, Talmor, on the blue."

p.239 "Then all all that dark stuff is land?" Lord Oterel had difficulty not being impressed. and discouraged, Lessa thought. Tillek's Lord Holder must have been hoping to press the extermination of Thread on the Red Star.
     "Of that we are not sure," replied Wansor with no lessening of the authority in his manner. Less approved more and more of Wansor. A man ought not be afraid to say he didn't know. Or a woman.

p.269 He smoothed her hair back from her forehead as if such an action were the most important occupation in the world.