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Dragonriders of Pern
Dragon Harper

by Anne and Todd McCaffrey

p.3 White robe, high hopes
     Hatching Grounds, tight throats
     Sands heat, eggs move
     Shells crack, souls prove.

     High Reaches Weyr, AL 495.8

p.21 “Well done, well done,” the Masterharper said when Kindan had finished. He sat briefly, lost in thought. When he looked up again, he murmured, “Well, Jessala has her rest at last. I imagine it won’t be long before B’rala seeks his.”
     “Why, Master?” Kindan asked, surprised that any dragonrider would consider such an act.
     “Sometimes the heart gets so heavy that living is impossible,” Murenny told him. “Unless there’s something to replace a loss, a person just gives up.”
     He leaned forward, looking Kindan in the eye. “ ‘Without hope, there is no future.’”
     Kindan had heard that before. “Can’t we give him hope?”
     Murenny shook his head. “We can only give him choices. Hope is something you find for yourself.”

p.40 Be sparing with your wrath
     Take not the angry path
     Lest harsh words create harsh deeds
     And fill your heart with bitter seeds.

     Aleesa’s Wherhold

p.41 Aleesa glanced beyond him to M’tal, then back. “This dragonrider says you’re here to learn how to fight someone.”
     “Yes,” Kindan agreed.
     “Over a girl,” Aleesa said.
     “No,” Kindan corrected, shaking his head. “For women harpers.”
     “Women harpers?” Aleesa repeated, chortling. “Women harpers,” she said again, more softly, shaking her head. “What next?”
     “I’ve met many strong women in my time,” M’tal remarked.
     “Anything is possible,” Kindan said, meeting Aleesa’s eyes squarely. “When women harpers become respected, all women will be more respected.”
     Aleesa mulled over this for a silent moment. Finally, she said, her expression hardening, “You be sure you win.”

p.58 Fight only in direst need
     Not for lust or petty greed
     Honor those that do give birth
     Respect them well for their full worth.

     Harper Hall

p.92 Play her a song once and she’d know it forever; start a melody and she’d write a whole new piece from it. It was dangerous to whistle near Kelsa, for she’d often lurch to a sudden stop--to the consternation of all behind her--and start writing.

p.110 Records to keep, Records to learn
     Knowledge gained from Turn to Turn
     Harper keep the truth alive
     Thus will all on Pern survive.

     Harper Hall

p.242 Healer with your craft so sure
     Sickness we can all endure
     Use your skill and healing notions
     To save us with your salves and potions.

     Harper Hall