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Dancing With An Alien
by Mary Logue

p.32 I had taken senior lifesaving and I knew the motto: "Reach, throw, row, go." There was nothing to reach this guy with, nothing to throw from the raft, no boat available to row out to him. So I was going. I hoped I could find him.
   I did the lifesaver's jump into the water. It's like a modified belly flop so your head doesn't go below water and you can keep your eyes on the spot the person went down.

p.77 There is never much doubt in Beatrice's life. She is very certain about what she believes in. She stopped going to church with her parents when she was nine. She told the pastor she didn't believe in a male god. She refused to say the pledge of allegiance in sixth grade, said it infringed on her civil rights.

p.97 I lay on my bed and listened to my heart beat. If you put your hand on your neck, it sounds like your heart is in your head. I decided my heart was in my head. I wasn't thinking anymore. I was simply feeling.