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by Vonda M. McIntyre

p.105-106 "Okay. You've got weight here because of the spin, right?"
     "So if you're walking plus-spin -- that's the same direction the station's spinning -- you're going even faster than the station. Since your weight is proportional to your speed, you feel heavier. And it makes you feel like you're walking uphill. That's why when you see people jogging in the one-g level, they usually run plus-spin. They get their exercise faster."
     "I guess I understand."
     "Then if you go the opposite direction, minus-spin" -- Heather turned and ran a few steps in the opposite direction -- "you subtract your speed from the station's speed. That makes you feel lighter. And you think you're going downhill."

p.175 "I don't want to kill any more velocity than I have to," Heather said. "It makes too much fuel. So I'll probably have to correct our course a bunch of times. But for now we're sort of heading for where Mick ought to be when we get there."
     Barbary tried to figure out how that worked. It sounded suspiciously like a math word problem, which she had never been very good at. She had never seen the point of figuring out when two trains would pass each other when the only trains left were tourist attractions she had never ridden anyway.

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