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A Boy Called "It"
by Dave Pelzer

p.311-312 There are organizations that play a priceless role for "youth at risk" in our communities, such as the United States Junior Chamber of Commerce, better known as the Jaycees: The main purpose of the Jaycees, who are volunteers, is the service of humanity. For instance, every year the state of Nebraska raises several thousand dollars for its Aid to Foster Children program. During the Christmas season, Jaycees chapters from across the nation donate Christmas trees to children who have never seen, let alone smelled a Douglas Fir. Jaycees invade stores with hundreds of children in tow—children who have never shopped for toys for themselves. These children never crave such niceties such as Game Boy or Nike Air Jordan shoes. Instead, these children wish for clothes that are a size too big; so as to get more wear out of them.