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Where is Joe Merchant?
by Jimmy Buffett

"When I'm standing on the earth, I realize how fast things are really moving. All of a sudden another summer is over and they're playing Christmas music. All of a sudden you get a card in the mail announcing your twenty-fifth high school reunion. All of a sudden Vietnam is another old war fought by the parents of the kids who watch M TV and won't know who Walter Cronkite is. Children you remember as little babies are getting married. Life is like that. Years pile up like shipwreck debris strewn out across a jagged reef, offering memories of something or someone who came before."

p.16 "a diving watch that looked as if it could tell time in every world time zone, do his banking, and split the atom."

p.158 "In deez parts, when da good times come, dey gallop in like wild horses. You try and ride 'em for as long as you can, and when dey trow you off, you just wait in the shade till dey come again."

p.180 "To him, life was just a magazine."

p.193 "He was what the locals called a 'smoke-stack captain,' which meant that if he lost sight of the smokestacks of the city electrical plant, he couldn't find his way back."

p.159 "I always had a feeling that the Nazi SS were reincarnated as mosquitoes and houseflies."

p.302 "One: Honor intelligence. Two: I cannot interfere with the evolutionary destiny of others; everyone has natural wisdom. Three: I am another myself."
--cosmic laws