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Walkers of the Wind
by William Sarabande

p.7 "Father Above would close his yellow eye, wrap himself in robes of darkness, and seek winter sleep in the arms of his sister--the moon."

p.?? "What is it like to be desirable?" Her voice was almost a purr. "What is it like when Grek lies on you or when you sent to ease the man need of Manaravak, and he lies naked on you and moves like a thrusting ram and howls like a wolf when his man bone enters? Is it pleasure or pain when a man and a woman are joined together and--"

p.139 [New Woman Ceremony]
     Tradition decreed that the eldest male must be the first to slap the drum with the flat of his hand before passing it on to the headman, who, after rousing the second beat of honor, then passed it on and until each adult male in the band had completed his turn.
     Simu was the last to accept it. As the father of the new woman, the drum was now his to keep until she took a man. When her virginity was a thing of the past, her mate would bring the drum before the headman and the assembled people. He would strike it one last time; then, as the new woman stood proudly by, her man would symbolically pierce the skin of the drum with his spear and return it to her parents, who would burn it.

NAMES: Swan, Larani, Demmi, Dak, Kharn, Umak, Honee, Jhon, Li, Manaravak, Sayanah, Wallah, Grek, Iana, Mahnie, Karana, Tankh, Chuk, Yoha, Simu, Eneela, Nantu, Umi

Amanita: (fly agaric mushroom) an intoxicant and "dream enhancer"