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The Two Princesses of Bamarre
by Gail Carson Levine

p.20 People wealthy enough to own marble put a slab of it outdoors in hopes of witnessing a birth. Father always did so, although we'd never been lucky.
     When a birth occurred, the lightning and marble begot a flame that grew and outfolded as might a quick-blooming rose. Within the flame would be a sorcerer--full grown, still growing, his nakedness covered by a shimmering cocoon.
     He would look about him for a moment. Then he would look inward and learn what he was. In a burst of joy he would rocket into the sky, into the storm, showering sparks. The speed of flight would burn off the cocoon, but a sparkle of the flame that gave him life would burn on his chest, sustaining him until death.

p.20-21 Life Span: Sorcerers need only air to live. They may eat or drink for pleasure, but they need not. They are incapable of sleep. Although they never take ill, they may die in many other ways as humans can, by accident or by design or in a war. If they do not meet without disaster, however, then at the end of five hundred years the spark is extinguished, and they die.
     During their first two hundred years they are apprentices, and they live out in the world. At the end of that time, they are journey men and retreat to their citadel, which they rarely leave again.
Appearance: Their most distinguishing feature is their white eyelashes. All sorcerers, male or female, young or old, have dark, wavy hair. The species runs to tallness: The average height of a female is five feet and ten inches; the average height of a male is six feet and two inches. All have long, tapering fingers and long, graceful necks. The faces are individual, with as much variety of feature as is seen in humankind. Immature sorcerers have the opened, unlined faces of youth.
Disposition and relations with humans: Sorcerers are neither universally good or universally bad. They have been heroes and villains, but most sorcerers, like most humans, are a blend of good and bad qualities.
     Although most are indifferent to humans, some of the young go through a phase of intense interest that always terminates at the end of their apprenticeship. A few marriages between sorcerers and humans have occurred, and children have been born of such unions.

p.?? molly herb: pain reliever, just eat the flower

93 Step follows step.
     Hope follows courage.
     Set your face toward danger.
     Set your heart on victory.