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The Hundred Secret Senses
by Amy Tan

p.31 "Nunumu -- the nu that means "girl," and the numu that means "a stare as fierce as a dagger." Nunumu, Girl with the Dagger Eye.

p.48 We used to sit in the courtyard and I would teach her the names of things, as if she were a small child. And just like a small child, she learned eagerly, quickly. Her mind wasn't rusted shut to new ideas. She wasn't like the Jesus Worshippers, whose tongues were creaky old wheels following the same grooves.

p.48 I taught her to point and call out the five elements that make up the physical world: metal, wood, water, fire, and earth.

p.49 "Tst! Tst!" Kwan shook her head. "Polish-Jewish, very hard to find, so many dead Polish-Jewish. Many dead Chinese people too, but I have many connection for Chinese -- this yin person know that yin person, easer to find if Chinese. But Polish-Jewish -- ah! -- maybe she didn't even go to Yin World, maybe go someplace else."
     "The next world is segregated? You can only go to the Yin World if you're Chinese?"
     "No-no! Miss Banner, she not Chinese, she go to Yin World. All depend on what you love, what you believe. You love Jesus, go Jesus House. You love Allah, go to Allah Land. You love sleep, go sleep."
     "What if you don't believe in anything for sure before you die?"
     "Then you go big place, like Disneyland, many places can go try -- you like, you decide. No charge, of course."