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The Exiles at Home
by Hilary McKay

p.78-79 Emma, sitting on the chair Toby had brought out for her, nodded approvingly. "Nice and bright," she said, "but shallow-rooted! I don't forget!"      "No," said Naomi, extremely surprised.
     "I was one of the first Girl Guides, you know," Emma continued. "I should never have left! You were right!"
     "I was one of the last," said Ruth cheerfully.
     "One of the last?"
     "Well, I got thrown out!"
     This look startled Emma so much that she looked several years younger. "Got thrown out?" she repeated.
     "For bandaging," Ruth told her. "We had to do bandaging and I bandaged someone's legs together and bandaged them to the table..."
     "Shut up!" said Naomi.
     "Well, it was only Egg Yolk Wendy," said Ruth unrepentantly, "and when I'd bandaged her to the table she went on and on so much that I bandaged her mouth shut..."
     Naomi glanced up from her weeding to see how Emma was taking these remarks and bent down again, reassured. Emma, sighing and bowing on the kitchen chair, appeared to be laughing.

p.110 "I think you're crackers. Completely. Nuts. Cracked. right around the bend!" --Ruth

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