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by David Almond

p.13 Before we moved, they asked me if I wanted to change schools as well, but I didn't. i wanted to stay at Kenny Street School with Leakey and Coot. I didn't mind that I'd have to get the bus through town. That morning I told myself that it gave me time to think about what was going on. I tried to think about it but I couldn't think. I watched the people getting on and getting off. I looked at them reading their papers or picking their nails or looking dreamily out the windows. I thought how you could never tell just by looking at them what they were thinking about or what was happening in their lives. Even when you get crazy people or drunk people on the bus, people that went on stupidly, and shouted rubbish or tried to tell you about themselves, you could never really tell about them either.

I wanted to stand up and say, "There's a man in my garage and my sister is ill and this is the first day I've traveled from the new house to the old school."

p.38-39 "They say that the shoulder blades are where your wings were when you were an angel," she said. "They say they're where your wings will grow again one day."

p.52 "There's something I could show you as well," I said. "Like you showed me the owls."
     "What is it?"
     "I don't know. I don't even know if it's true or if it's a dream."
     "That's all right. Truth and dreams are always getting muddled."

p.141 We wondered what blackbird babies dreamed about.
     "Sometimes they'll be scared," said Mina. "They'll dream about cats climbing toward them. They'll dream about dangerous crows with ugly beaks. They'll dream about vicious children plundering their nest. They'll dream of death all around them. But there'll be happy dreams as well. They'll dream of finding their own tree one day, building their own nest, having their own chicks."