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The Princess Diaries, Volume V
Princess in Pink

by Meg Cabot

p.12 I seriously think you need to lie down with your feet above your head to get the blood flowing back into your brain, because are suffering from severe cognitive impairment.

p.54-55 Jangbu--that was the busboy's name--totally looked as if he were going to cry. He kept saying over and over again how sorry he was. But it didn't matter. Because if you spill soup on a dowager princess in New York City, you can kiss your career in the restaurant biz good-bye. It would be like if a gourmet cook got caught going to McDonald's in Paris. Or if P. Diddy got caught buying underwear a Wal-Mart. Or if Nicky and Paris Hilton got caught lying around in their Juicy Couture sweats on a Saturday night, watching National Geographic Explorer, instead of going out to party. It is simply Not Done.

p.85-86 "We are not playing Seven Minutes in Heaven at my birthday party," I informed her.
     Tina looked crestfallen. "Why not?"
     "Because this is a nerd party! My God, Tina! We are nerds. We don't play Seven Minutes in Heaven. That is the kind of thing people like Lana and Josh play at their parties. At nerd parties, we play things like Spoon, or possibly Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board. But not kissing games!"
     But Tina was totally adamant that nerds DO play kissing games.
     "Because if they don't," she pointed out, "then how do you think little nerds get made?"
     I suggested that little nerds get made in the privacy of nerd homes after nerds married, but Tina wasn't even listening anymore.

p.212 I am sure it must be quite a blow to a girl with an ego the size of Lilly's... you know, that a boy who had once loved her could learn to love again. Because after what she put Boris through this week, I for one will see to it that she never, ever dates him again. If I have to stand in front of Boris with a big old sword, like Aragorn in front of that Frodo dude, I would totally do it. That is how determined I am that Lilly will never again mess with Boris Pelkkowski's heavily bandages, misshapen genius head.