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Tom Clancy's Net Force
by Tom Clancy and Steve Pieczenik

p.?? Bukti: Eight short forms - djurus - and as many prearranged fighting sets - sambuts - and teaching techniques beyond

p.?? "Probachteh, deh chloveechny tualecht."
     Ukranian for "Excuse me, but where is the men's room?"

p.53-54 "The ends justified the means. Respectability was worth it, even if you had to kill a bunch of people standing between you and it to get there."

p.56 In a land of sheep, even a toothless wolf is king.

p.80 "The colonel must have a brain like a sieve."
     --Fernandez to Howard

p.93 Sooner or later, even the strongest camel will collapse under more additional straw added to its load.

p.238 That was the thing about dogs--you didn't have to be anything special to impress them. He like that. If you were as good a person as your dog thought you were, you'd be able to stroll across the Potomac without getting your feet wet.

p.105 "plain-vanilla, government-issue black tire fedmobile"

p.118 "It was kind of like a carpenter's attitude toward his tools--you didn't love your hammer or saw, you used them to do your work."

p.141 Hardlinked: going steady [2010 slang]

p.154 "Bombay, India--known to the locals as Mumbai--is the capital of Maharashtra and the major economic power of western India. Located on the shore of the Arabian Sea, it is a city steeped in culture. From the Victorian facades of the British Raj, to the tourist ghetto of Colabra, to the pulse-of-the-city Fort, eighteen million people call Mumbai home. Most of them are dirt-poor."

p.161-163 He said, "Do you know who Mary Katherine Horony was?"
     Johnny search his memory. Frowned. "Doesn't ring a bell."
     "She was Hungarian, a hooker, went by the name of Big Nose Kate."
     "Oh. Doc Holliday's girlfriend?"
     "Good to see that degree means something. Kate was a whore, a drunk, a brawler. She screwed and drank and fought her way across the Old West ran with Holliday, the Earps, and some other real dangerous dudes."
     Johnny nodded. "Uh-huh."
     "She could have quit once she hooked up with Doc, but she couldn't settle down. She kept going back to the life, even when she and Holliday were together. And even when she was at home, she wasn't your shy demure type. She broke h im out of jail once after he gutted a man with a Bowie knife, and she clubbed a guard half to death to do it. She ad a whorehouse in Tombstone in the 1800's, first one in town. Did it in a big tent, ran a dozen girls and sold a lot of cheap whiskey. People used to fight and get shot up there all the time. Plus she and Doc used to beat the shit out of each other--and he didn't always wind up on top.
     "After Holliday croaked from TB, old Kate kept on whoring for years. Got married, left her husband, moved around, kept kicking her heels up until she wound up in a nursing home. Died in 1940. She was ninety years old."
     "Fascinating," Johnny said. He raised an eyebrow.
     "So here was this woman, a whore--which in those days was a damned dangerous job--with these hardcases all around her who'd just as soon shoot you as look at you. A woman who used to punch out Doc Holliday, one of the stone-coldest killers ever, and she was living in neighborhoods where you could get raped and murdered and no one would even blink."
     "And your point..."
     "Kate outlived them all--the job, Holliday, the killers, the booze, the bad towns, everything." Genaloni smiled. "She died of old age. He paused, then said, "You know what the cavalry men used to say out in Dakota when we were trying to wipe out the Sioux? 'If you're captured by Indians, don't let them give you to their women.'
     "A woman can cut off your balls, cook 'em with onions and make you eat them--and smile the whole time she's doing it. Remember that. No matter what your bride says, no matter how good she is in bed, keep your business to yourself. The prisons are full of guys who blabbed shit to their women and then pissed them off. Women are good for a lot of things, but don't trust one with your life. Never."
     "I'll remember that."
     "Good. Now go and find out why the feds are hiding Luigi."
     --Genaloni and Johnny

p.168 "Yeah, rule 6P had worked--proper planning prevents piss-poor performance."

p.169 "Oh, I was just imagining what the commander of the British armies must have said to his field officers toward the end of the Revolutionary War: 'What? A bunch of out-of-shape gutter scum with big ideas and almost no strategic experience just kicked the shit out of His Majesty's finest? How could we have possibly lost to rabble like that?'"
     --Fernandez to Howard

p.176 "If a teenage boy wasn't interested in looking at a naked woman, that would be the time for his father to get worried."
     --Jay Gridley

p.183 "And just how do you propose to chain him here? He is stupid to be afraid of threats, he will not accept a bribe and he has no skeletons in his closet to rattle at him. I say we squash him."
     --Demetrius Skotinos

p.195 "Lassies les bon temps rouler." French for "Let the good times roll."

p.200 "No! Danger! Danger, Will Robinson! Warning, warning, run, flee, the dam busted, the tornado blew, the aliens are coming! No, sorry, no, can't do it, uh-uh, negative, zipper-roo, count zero!"
     --Tyrone Howard, thinking

p.307 "Better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it."

p.329 "Sometime when ballots don't work, bullets will."

p.?? "Deader than black plastic in the noonday sun."
     --Jay Gridley

p.346 DTNS = Don't Tell Nobody Squat

NAMES: Suhko, Neena, Skies, Bertrand, Rada, Verkhovna, Khomyakov, Ludmilla, Mora, Sullivan, Selkie, Demetrius, Skotinos, Igor, Bulavin, Yemelyan, Razin, John, Reeves, Brown, Fasquez, Howard, Odom, Chan, Upton, O'Rourke, DiAmmato, Reed, Ray, Genaloni, Ruzhyů, Mikhayl, Nicholas, Papirůsa, ZmeyŠ, Grigory, Spetsnaz, Mokrie, Dela, Michaels, Firorella, Jay, Gridley, Alexander, Toni, Antonella, Vladimir, Plekhanov, Bruce, Carver, Jessel, Leon, Megan, Theo, Hatcher, Herbie, LeMott, Chuon