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Meredith Gentry series #3
Seduced by Moonlight

by Laurell K. Hamilton

p.99 "Most things are logical when they're explained."

p.148 I felt the bed move a moment before I felt Nicca's presence behind me. He wasn't a burning heat now, but it was if he was t he warmth of the earth itself. The warmth that lives down in the rich brown soil, and keeps all the seeds, and all the creatures safe and warm through the winter. When his hands touched my shoulders, it was like being wrapped up in the warmest, softest blanket in the world. So safe, so warm, as if you snuggle down and sleep for months, and wake refreshed, whole, and the earth would be made new again. The magic of spring itself was in the touch of his hands.

p.176 I hugged him. When I pulled away, he was smiling. "For that look in your eyes, I would slay armies. What is a little emotion, to that?"
     Anyone who thought that slaying armies was easier than fixing your own internal emotional mess hadn't had enough therapy.
     But I didn't say that out loud, either.

p.178 Galen had to search Los Angeles over to find an honest-to-goodness tea cozy to keep our tea warm. Most of the men preferred a strong black tea for breakfast instead of coffee--Rhys being the exception. He just didn't think that hard-boiled detectives should drink tea, so he drank coffee. His loss. More tea for me.

p.206 Frost was behind me in a silver fox coat that nearly trailed the ground. When I'd pointed out to him how many animals had died for the coat, he'd informed me that he'd owned the coat for more than fifty years, long before anyone thought badly of owning fur. He'd also touched my long leather coat and said, "Please don't complain to me when you're wearing half a cow."
     "But I eat cow, so wearing leather uses the entire animal; it's not wasteful. You don't eat fox."
     He'd gotten a strange look on his face. "You have no idea what I've eaten."

p.255-256 Galen came up to stride beside us. He was shivering in his wet clothes. Ice had formed in strands of his shorter hair, and there was a tiny cut on his cheek. His hair was long enough to touch his face with the frozen strands. "If I hop on your back, will you keep me warm too?"
     "The sidhe are impervious to the cold," Barinthus said.
     "Speak for yourself," Galen said, teeth nearly chattering.
     Nicca waded through the snow on our other side. He was shivering, too. "I have never felt the cold as I do on this day." His wings were held tightly together, rimmed with frost, like a stained-glass window in the snow.
     'It is the wings," Sage called from behind us. Rhys had actually allowed the smaller man to ride on his back. Rhys seemed totally unaffected by the cold. But Sage huddled against Rhys, and I wondered why Rhys didn't help the demi-fey keep warm, as Barinthus helped me. "We are butterflies, and that is not a creature meant for winter snow."
     "I am sidhe," Nicca said.
     "As, apparently, am I," Sage said, "but I am still freezing my nuts off."
     Galen laughed and nearly stumbled in the snow.