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Left Behind #7: The Indwelling
by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins

p.46 "I'm sorry?"
     "Is this David Hayseed?"
     "This is Director Hassid, yes."
     "Do you know who this is?"
     "Yes! It sounds like Minister Blood. Haven't talked to you in ages. Good to hear from you again--"
     "That's Blod, and did I or did I not tell you to get over here?"
     "Is this multiple choice? I believe you did."
     "Then why are you not here?"
     "Let me guess. Because I'm here?"
     "Agh! Listen here, you! Get over here this instant or--"
     "Or what? You're going to tell my mom? I don't recall being subordinate to you, sir. Now if you have something you need me to procure for you, and you have clearance from the Supreme Commander--"
     "A purchasing agent is not subordinate to a cabinet minister? Are you from Mars?"
     "Actually Israel, sir."
     "Would you stop calling me sir?"
     "I thought you called me, sir."
     "I mean quit calling me that!"
     "What? Sir? I'm sorry, I thought you were male."
     "You stay right where you are, Director. I'll be right over."
     "That wasn't so hard, was it, Guy? I mean, it's you who wants to talk with me, not the other way around."

p.277 "And how did you come to faith, sir?"
     "Nothing dramatic, I'm afraid. I have always been religious, but Rayford and Mac and Abdullah all urged me to at least consider the writings of Dr. Ben-Judah. Finally I did. You know what reached me? His assessment of the difference between religion and Christianity."
     "I know it well," Buck said, "if you're referring to his contention is man's attempt to reach God, while Jesus is God's attempt to reach man."

p.345 "Any cult, sect, religion, or individual who professes a single avenue to God or heaven or bliss in the afterlife is the greatest danger to the global community. Such a view engenders divisiveness, hatred, bigotry, condescension, and pride." --Nicolae Carpathia

NAMES: Datillo, Ahmal, Kononowa, Tobias, Rognoff, Elbaz, Pietr, Gerri, Seaver, Adon, Demetrius, Bakar, Eikenberry, Zhizaki