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Left Behind #6: Assassins
by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins

p.93 "They scooted their chairs back to soften the angle as they looked up at her."

p.230-231 David took double precautions by inserting a glitch into the computers in his department. The complicator was purely mathematical. A key component in plotting coordinates, of course, is measuring angles and computing distances between various points. On paper such calculations would take hours. On a calculator, less time. But on a computer, the results were virtually instantaneous. David planted, however what he called a floating multiplier. In layman's terms, any time the computer was assigned a calculations, a random component transposed side-by-side in the third, fourth, or fifth, step. Not even David knew which step it would select, let alone which digits. When the calculation was repeated, the error would be duplicated three times in a row, so checking the computer against itself was useless.

p.246 The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.

p.254 "I was known as a straightforward, opinionated guy, and people pretty much liked me. Unless they was too sophisticated. If they was, I'd use the word was where I'm s'posed to use were, like I just did there, and tweak 'em to death."

NAMES: Hasse, Rehoboth, Bindura, Jurgen, Mwangati, Ngumo