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Left Behind #4: Soul Harvest,
by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins
(large print version)

p.39 Most appeared not to even see him, following one another as if trusting that someone somewhere near the front of the line had an idea where he might find help.

p.59 "How does something underground withstand the shifting of the earth?"
     "Part genius, part luck, I guess," Mac said.
     "The whole thing floats, suspended on some sort of a membrane filled with hydraulic fluid sitting on a platform of springs that serve as mammoth shock absorbers."

p.139 The pickup rattled and lurched over unpaved roads until it arrived at the outskirts of the city. Rayford was sickened by the smell. He still found it hard to accept that this was part of God's ultimate plan. Did this many people have to suffer to make some eternal point? He took cumfort that this was not God's desired result. Rayford believed God was true to his word, that he had given people enough chances that he could now justify allowing this to get their attention.

p.279 "You must've never been hit in the back of the head with an airplane."

p.312 He could find no pulse. He switched the wristbands.
     Buck knew this only bought him time. It wouldn't belong before someone discovered that this postmenopausal dead woman was not a pregnant twenty-two-year-old.

p.422 He wished he'd had some defense or assault training. There must be some strategic response to a man in your face carrying an Uzi.

NAMES: Kuntz, Cavenaugh