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Left Behind #2: Tribulation Force
by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins

p.131 "I am motivated by truth and justice," Buck said flatly.
     "Ah, and the American way!' Carpathia said. "Just like Superman!"
     "More like Clark Kent," Buck said. "I'm just a mild-mannered reporter for a great metropolitan weekly."

p.138 Buck felt as if he had won the lottery in a society where money was useless.

p.389 Despite the billions of people who populate this planet, you can put a postcard in the mail with just a few distinctions on it, and I will be the only person to receive it. You eliminate much of the world when you send it to Israel. You narrow it more when it comes to Jerusalem. You cut the potential recipients to a tiny fraction when it goes to a certain street, a certain number, a certain apartment, and then, with my first and last name, you have singled me out of billions."