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Forrest Gump
by Winston Groom

p.0 There is a pleasure sure in being mad which not but madmen know.

p.2 Now I know something about idiot. Probly the only thing I do know bout, but I done read up on em--all the way from that Doy-chee-eveskie guy's idiot, to King Lear's fool, and Faulkner's idiot, Benjie, an even ole Boo Radley in To Kill a Mockingbird--now he ws a serious idiot. The one I like best tho is ole Lennie in Of Mice and Men. Mos of them writer fellers got it straight--cause their idiots are always smarter than people give them credit for. Hell, I'd agree with that. Any idiot would. Hee Hee.

p.15 One day a package come from New Yawk City that contain a official baseball signed by the entire New Yawk Yankees baseball team. It was the best thing ever happen to me! I treasure that ball like a goldbrick, till one day when I was tossin it aroun the yard, a big ole dog come up an grasp it outta the air and chewed it up. Things like that always happenin to me.

p.25 A feller be standin there in the doorway with a wild look on his face, eyes all bugged out, no teeth in front, nose look like a yeller squash an his hair standin straight up like he done stuck his thing in a light socket. I figger this be Chris.

p.88 Gump, what are them stains on your trousers? Gump, you have got the table manners of a hog."
     In that last, maybe his is right. Them Chinamen eat with two little sticks an it is almost impossible to shovel any food in your mouth with em, an so a lot of it wind up on my clothes. No wonder you do not see a lot of fat Chinamen aroun. You would think they would of learnt to use a fork by now.

p.202 Well, we tried the scene, an the first time we done it, I thought it come off pretty well, an it is really excitin to actually be holdin Raquel Welch in my arms, even tho she be hollerin, "Put me down! Help, police!" and so on.

p.228 I stuck my head in the door, an sure enough, it were ole Curtis from the University!
     Curtis were very happy to see me, callin me a asshole an a cocksucker an a motherfucker an everthin else nice he could think of.