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Dragon and Phoenix
by Joanne Bertin

p.18-19 He wore it [ his hair ] in the Yerrin fashion, as Linden did his: shoulder length save for a long, narrow clan braid hanging from the nape of his neck and down his back. But where Linden's braid bore the four-strand pattern of a noble and was bound with the blue, white, and green of the Snow Cat clan, this man sported Marten clan's black and green tying off the three-strand braid of a commoner.

p.25 Saethe - Dragonlord Council

p.37 "a business of ferrets"?

p.43 Smirking at Linden, Raven began an answer, but jumped in his seat and shut his mouth again. He darted an angry glance first at his great-uncle to his left and then across the table at Maurynna. Linden generously hid a satisfied grin behind his mug of tea.

p.50 Gods--not even your worst enemy will cut off your clan braid. Your head, perhaps, Otter thought, but not your braid.

p.87 " [...] Give her a few days, though, and she should be right as rain." The Simpler paused in the doorway, frowning thoughtfully. "Though why rain should be right or wrong, I've no idea."

p.135 "What do priests from other temples preach?" Otter asked.
   "There are no other temples."
   The others looked at each other in astonishment.
   Otter persisted. "You mean there's only one way to worship? No choice of gods to believe in?"

p.156-157 "Well and well--let's hope that witch spruce they planted over his grave still keeps his soul pinned down. Thing should be huge by now if those trees really do feed on evil as the stories say."

p.221 Perhaps she didn't have the luxury of cowardice, but she certainly didn't have to rush into having her head bitten off.

p.263 "And I'll warn you now," Maurynna said, hiding a smile. "They're planning a welcoming feast tonight. Luckily, on such short notice it will be small--for an Erdon affair. That will be in the Great House."
   "And that is?" prompted Lleld.
   Maurynna answered, "The biggest building in a House's compound. There's always one large house--often an estate on its own--where the Head lives."
   The conversation shifted as Lleld demanded more about the way the great merchant families of Thalnia lived. "What are the compounds? It sounds very military."
   "Not at all," Maurynna said. "Or at least, not anymore. They started during the Interregnum, the Years of Chaos, as houses and warehouses were built behind palisades where the biggest and most powerful merchant families--the Houses--and their hired mercenaries lived and guarded the merchandise from attacks. It was a grim time.
   "Since then, the compounds have grown beyond their original walls. Each House owns land in its own city. Most is bought, some ceded by royal grant. On that land are the Great House and the Mouseholes, and a number of smaller but very fancy homes for senior members and their immediate families, plus some more modest dwellings for the married juniors. The homes are usually close by each other, and and the whole area is known as that family's compound even if there are no longer walls setting it off from the rest of the city. Everything is owned by the house in common.
   "As I said, it's the senior members of a family--those who make decisions--or juniors with families that live within its compound. If we're not given houseroom by a sneior, we unmarried juniors must find lodging where we can, often sharing a room with two or three others. I was lucky. Since I was the only female among the younger cousins, I had a garret room to myself in my Aunt Maleid's house." Maurynna paused. "It was very small, stifling in the summer and freezing in the winter, but it was mine."

p.362 sere?

p.513 "Pyamah cakes," he explained. "It's a staple of my people. A man can live a long time on pyamah. The grain's mixed with water, and sometimes a little honey, left to ferment a bit, then wrapped in leaves from a plant called spice grass and boiled or baked in the ashes of a fire. The spice grass preserves the cakes and flavors them as well." He broke off a bit and ate.
   Maurynna gingerly followed suit. The stuff was dense and chewy, with a flavor like hazelnuts. On the back of her tongue she caught a hint of--cinnamon?--and another taste she didn't quite recognize, but whatever it was, it was good.

p.516 "letting thoughts drift through her head like wisps of smoke in the wind"

p.527 "Be warned; I moved things about while you were gone--or, rather, my sister and two youngest nieces did," Zhantse said.   "They decided this house was a disgrace and needed cleaning." His tone spoke eloquently of his martyrdom.

p.527 "A Seer is a person of awe to all but his own family."

p.562 Hoh neshla, the traditional Tah'nehsieh greeting at the door of a dwelling

p.571 poppy juice for a dream-then-death

p.587 wastrel?

p.593 Thought you'd nothing to fear from a middle-aged woman like myself, did you, boy? Never underestimate a mother, my fine lad--or any woman, for that matter.

p.610 He struggled to his feet. "See? I'm well now."
   He did look better, Maurynna conceded. Like a newly dead corpse instead of one just a few days old.

NAMES: Kery, Changjin, Zelene, Yallasi, Tiala, Ilyathan, Takka nih Bahari = Dance of the Red Ghost, Khivran, Je'nihahn = Wind from the West, Hannakulan, Kirakki, K'rahi, Honigan, Parmale, Duirin, Derenel, Derijen, Tsiru, Nen dra Kove, Mossuran, Zarkorum, Udasah, Danashkar, Afrani, Bardun, Zhantse, Nathua, Miune, Kihn, Teinsyha, Chiand-Tal, Oduin, Yemal, Okaril, Eustan, Dzeduin, Kiu, Mejilu, Tefira, Amura, Nathua, Jedjieh, Michero, Xilu, Muyan, Dorilissa, Revien, Willisen, Vaden, Laeris, Musahi, Nesilyu, Tsuen, Hwaene, Pirii, D'sah'nii'joos, Skua, Djan N'Tsina = Lords of the Rain, Oolan, Jeel, Jhem, Trissin, Hareson, Kaene, Sailmaker, Pirakos, Zunest'sha'sho = Lonely One, Tah'nehsieh, Zuia, Moya, Shallanan, Kajhenral, Maleid, Brithian, Palnaran, Ardelis, Mhakkan, Azassia, Samarrakh, Nalarae, Jaida, Nama, Jehanglan, Lurione, Beracca, Talassaene, Heilan, V'Choun, Hatussiny, Katha, Aewin, Jedjieh, Chakkarin, Famissa, Nisse, Teurun, Domihou, Kharine, Hillel, Mercan, Evraene, Liasuhn, Kwahsiu, Tyrian, Nalorih, Chiyual, Jhem, Trissin, Keronis, Berslin, Maleid, Lura-Sharal, Shei-Luin, Yesuin, Kirano, Xiane Ma Jhi, Jhanun, Muroshei = slave of Shei, Zyuzin, Sirl, Haoro, Baisha, Xahnu, Xu, Tamiz, Khorushin, Jenna, Lukai, Boreal, Lleld, Taren, Olmeins, Kelnethi, Kryalin, Sanraelle, Taorun, Oronin, Rivasha, Kajhenral = dragon or nightmare, Kemberaene, Riya-Akono, Morlen, Zharmantian, Tsiaa, Tanlyton, Honigan, Cansunn, Jekkanadar, Iokka, Gilliad, Hami, Mimdallek, Bendekkat, Carra, Bakkuran, Nerreklas, Jessia, Varleran, Dharm, Virienne, Talassaene, Galinis, Fiaran, Aeld, Aumalean, Surael, Merlet, Kamenni, Meilan, Varlerin, Hodai, Padlen, Vui, Akaro