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Dinky Hocker Shoots Smack!
by M. E. Kerr

p.10 "Bosch, Hieronymous: A Dutch painter known for his scenes of nightmarish tortures in hell at the hands of weird monsters."


p.19 "There's an old Chinese saying: Man is what man hears he is, though keyhole." -- Tucker's Dad

p.22 "To ask someone like Dinky to go into Woerner's Restaurant just to pick up pies for her mother was to ask a wino to drop in at a vineyard just to watch the bottling process." --Tucker, narrating

p.35 Hydrocephalics, or people with hydrocephalus: "People with water on the brain. They have oversized heads. Their heads are so big they can hardly carry them on their shoulders. They don't live long." --Dinky

p.57 "I should sit on a rock off Cornwall and comb my hair. I should wear tiger pants, I should have an affair. We should meet in another life, we should meet in air, Me and you."

p.66 What's a bordello?
     "It's a place where gracious ladies sell their favors to bashful gentlemen." -- Jingle
     "It's a place where ignorant women sell themselves to desperate men." --Tucker's Dad
     "You mean a whorehouse... I get it." --Tucker

p.67 "I have never been dismissed from a job," said Jingle.
     "You never held a job long enough to get canned," said Tuckers father.

p.67 "I'll have a Tiger's Milk as dry as a poor beached whale, with a teensy twist of lemon, over one lonesome and and anxiety-ridden ice cube." --Jingle

p.72 "He's born now," Mrs. Hocker said. "Somebody slap his behind."

p.76 "I'd be a Gemini instead of a Libra," Natalia said, "because Geminis have two ways of looking at things."
     "That makes them two-faced," Tucker said.
     "No, it doesn't," Natalia said, "because they're not really one person. They're twins in one person."

p.77 And once, in answer to Tucker's question: "I think Tucker Woolf is--," Natalia had written inside the balloon, "fishing for a compliment."

p.109 "I used to feel that down a long time ago," Marcus said. "I'd take my pillow out and look for trouble, you know what I mean?"
     "Your pillow?" Tucker asked.
     "I used to take a pillow with me in the summer. Pretend I was going up to the roof for some sun, you know? Then I'd use the pillow to muffle the sound of glass when I broke a window. I'd look around the pad fast and grab what I could and pow!--back down the fire escape with a radio, a camera, anything I could pass to a fence. Then I'd shoot some smack and nod off, man."
     "I get it," Tucker said.
     "But don't get me wrong, my head was messed up then."

p.148 "I lack pizzazz."      "That's neat," Natalia said.
     "To lack pizzazz?"
     "To know it," Natalia said. "Once you know it, you don't have to pretend anymore. You can just relax. You don't have to have relationships."

p.154 "What was the slipperiest day in Bethlehem?"
     "I give up."
     "It was the day Joseph came through on his ass."