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Corridor of Storms
by William Sarabande

p.11 Loyalty and love make a father and son, not blood; blood was a thin, red thing that dried and blew away on the wind.

p.23 "Can Karana have forgotten that among Torka's people it is forbidden to speak the name of a thing without respect? To do so is to dishonor the life spirit of the thing. And life spirits have wills of their own, be they spirits of man or beasts, of stones, clouds, the smallest biting fly, of Mother Below and Father Above. A dishonored spirit can become a crooked spirit--half flesh, half phantom--and who knows what such a spirit would do if he decides to punish the one who has shamed it?"

p.197 "There is no power in hope. Hope is nothing. Hope is a man cowering beneath darkening clouds and saying that he hopes it will not snow, but if he does, he will deal with whatever comes!" --Sondahr

p.303 "A man of two dimensions...or not a man at all? Perhaps something in between: half human and half animal, half beauty and half ugliness, half light, half shadow..."

NAMES: Naiapi, Grek, Stam, Pet, Mahnie, Summer Moon, Aliga, Wallah, Cheanah, Hetchem, Rak, Ekoh, Rhik, Ketti, Mond, Het, Sondahr, Demmi, Beksem, Zinkh, Pomm, Lorak, Yanevha, Mano, Tlap, Ank, Tomo, Jub, Simu, Eneela, Oga, Earak