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Circle of Three #7: Blue Moon
by Isobel Bird

p.17 "When I see you with him," said the guy into the microphone, "my heart breaks open and my anger spills across the floor like those oranges that fell from the paper bag when we were running across the street in the rain after our first date."

p.135-136 "There are two of me," she began, her voice ringing through the space. "The one I take outside and the one I let roam free when I'm alone, safe from what you think and what you feel."
   She had written that piece after her fight with T.J. It was about him, but it was also about the people who were listening to her, the people T.J. worried about. Now Cooper felt as if she were facing them, telling them how she felt about what they might think of her.
   "The me you see when you pass me on the street is the one I dress up to hide her from your fears," she continued. "I don't want you to see her and look away or call her names. I don't want her to have to see the ugliness that his your misunderstanding. So I keep her covered, tucked inside my coat or sleeping behind my sunglasses."
   She was reaching the part of the piece she liked the most. She stood up straight and tall, looking defiantly out at her listeners. "But when we get home I tear off her disguise and the two of us run around my room," she said, her voice rising. "We hold hands and we spin and spin and spin, making ourselves dizzy with laughter while we laugh at you and what you don't know. We dance and sing and make noise like the wildest of all wild things. And when we're done we sleep in one another's arms, dreaming of the day we can be one person again."

NAMES: Oya, Brigid, Astarte, Ixchel, Rhiannon, Freya, Eulalie