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Circle of Three #13: And it Harm None
by Isobel Bird

p.5-6 They had learned that one of the principles of magic was that you should always remember to thank the universe for helping you achieve your intentions.

p.9 "Merry meet, and merry part, and merry meet again. The circle is open but unbroken."

p.93 It was a sugar cookie, delicately iced with pretty pink frosting, and written across it in red icing were the words BITE ME.

p.110 "He's just a guy," Becka replied. "Guys are easy to talk to. You just have to think of them as big, stupid dogs who want you to like them. Then it's easy."

p.115 "I was just thinking about how sometimes everything seems like a total accident, said Annie. "But then other times it's like I can see these patterns happening, making sense of everything. Only usually when I start thinking that maybe there is a pattern or a plan or whatever something happens to totally blow my theory apart."
   "My dad says writing books is sort of like that," Becka told her. "Sometimes he'll start off with this really great idea, and he'll plan every single step of the book. Then he starts writing and the characters decide to do something else that has nothing to do with his plan."

p.174 "We are the weavers," she sang as she walked, thinking of the words to a chant they had sung in class once, "we are the web. We are the spiders, we are the thread."