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Circle of Three #12: Written in the Stars
by Isobel Bird

p.41 "I don't think you can look at it that way," Cooper told her. "They didn't have to die so that these things could happen. And these things didn't happen because they died. They're just all connected. One thing leads to another, but it's not like we're all just acting out some big play that somebody else wrote."

p.110-111 It was time to cast the circle. Annie had been reading about different circle-casting rituals in a book that Archer had loaned her. One of the methods had interested her, and she decided to try it out.
   First she picked up the small bowl of salt that she kept on her altar to represent the element of earth. Holding it in her hand, she walked clockwise around the circle of candles, sprinkling a little bit of salt on the floor as she invoked the powers of earth into the circle.
   "Circle of earth," she said. "Cleanse and protect this sacred space."
   She completed her journey around the circle and placed the bowl of salt on the floor. Then she picked up a feather she'd collected on one of her walks in the woods over the summer. Holding that in her hand, she walked the circle again, this time calling on the element of air.
   "Circle of air," she said. "Sweep clean this sacred space."
   The third time around she picked up one of the candles from the circle and carried that with her, saying as she went, "Circle of fire, illuminate this sacred space." And on her fourth trip she held in her hand a bowl of water, sprinkling it on the floor while calling out, "Circle of water, bind and close this sacred space."

p.112-113 Annie bent and looked into the cauldron. It was filled with the brightest light she'd ever seen. It glowed with an intensity so fierce she feared being burned by it, even though it gave off no heat and didn't hurt her eyes. It seemed almost alive, rolling around on itself as if it was playing, or dancing.
   "Go ahead," Brigid urged her. "Reach inside. Take some for yourself."
   Annie looked into the goddess's face. "I'm afraid," she said.
   "Don't fear it," Brigid told her. "Be brave."
   Annie looked again into the cauldron. She was afraid. But she also wanted to accept Brigid's gift. Finally she reached out and tentatively lowered her hands toward the light, cupping them together. Still expecting to feel her skin burn, she plunged them into the flames.
   She wasn't burned. Instead, she felt more alive than she'd ever felt before. The light clung to her, filling her cupped hands. She lifted them and saw it pooled in her fingers, still moving. She lifted her hands over her head and opened them, letting the light fall over her. She felt it trickle over her head and down her body. Where it touched her she felt tiny sparks on her skin, like she was being washed in electricity. It left her feeling excited and filled with the desire to do something, to dance, or to sing.

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