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Book of Enchantments
by Patricia C. Wrede

p.2-3 The wizard decided to call on the gods and offer his daughter in marriage to whichever one would promise to make him so rich and so famous that he would never be forgotten as long as people lived around the Sea of Luck. "For," he thought, "not only will I be as rich and famous as anyone could desire, I will also get my Ryvenna a husband worthy of her beauty."
   The wizard made his preparations and cast his spells. He worked for a week to get everything right. But the gods were angry at him, because he had never asked his daughter whether she agreed to his plan.    "Bad enough that he presumes we'd want her," grumbled Welenen the Rain-Bringer. "But giving the girl away without telling her? He acts as if she were a pet dog or a camel!" The other gods agreed.

p.112 "Approve? My lord, I am a mercenary. I approve when I am paid."

p.182 "A lifetime can be two days long; it needs only a birth at the beginning and a death at the end."

p.206 "The young man is currently standing in the hallway, dripping on the handmade silk rug that the Emperor of the Indies presented to His Majesty's grandmother. He is insisting on speaking with His Majesty."
   "It's a very ugly rug," Mendanbar said. "That's why we put it in the entry hall."

NAMES: Shonasai, Tamriff, Welenen, Hervan, Cyndal, Chathalla, Sympas, Saraset, Kerr Hollaran, Auridan