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A College of Magics
by Caroline Stevermer

p.1 And time is not a gulf, nor space a bar;
    Our hearts are loyal, even when we're far;
    As once we were, again tonight we are.
--Georgia Goddard King

p.11 "If Gavren should follow me, it will be because I have the right. But when you follow me it will be because you hate my uncle. Don't trouble to deny it. Those with the same ailment recognize the symptoms."

p.25-26 The gardens of Greenlaw were a source of wonder to Faris. Some were mathematical in the precise arrangement of herb and simple, some were loose and profuse with merely attractive flowers and shrubs, some were noble in proportion and venerable for antiquity, all held some unfamiliar plant. Anything that did not grow wild in Galazon struck Faris as foreign and probably unnecessary, but since her own presence at Greenlaw was certainly foreign and very likely unnecessary, she tried to be tolerant.

p.77 "If no one can say what they see on vigil, explain to me how anyone knows what to accomplish."
    Charlotte saluted Faris with her spoon. "Thank you. Extremely grateful though I am, I insist that if we bandy words, we bandy the correct words. It isn't a superstition'; it's a tradition. If you fast and keep watch from sunset to dawn, you're bound to see something. Fast long enough and you'll make yourself see something. You believe it helps you and it helps you and it helps you. If you don't believe in it, of course it won't work. That's true of anything."
    "And if you try to explain it, it won't work," said Nathalie. "The same way magic stops working if you try and explain it."

p.87 Faris was at the window, elbows on the sill, chin in her hands. "Does the first snow goose north in the spring fly to show off? Or does it answer a call it can't resist?"

p.190 "Those bloody-minded aristos in Aravill are none of our affair. You'd be better off staying in Galazon. There's plenty to do."
    "I'm a bloody-minded aristo, too, Reed."
    "But you're our bloody-minded aristo. It makes a difference."

p.237-238 The thought of marriage was disagreeably concrete in comparison. Marriage with whom? There were millions of people in the world. What were the odds of even finding one's mate among that throng? And then to create conditions that would allow one to marry? All that effort just to make sure the house was taken care of for the foreseeable future? It was a gamble at best, and not a wager she favored.

Names: Tyrian, Faris, Nallaneen, Pontorson, Gavren.